Who is GeoThink, LLC?

GEOTHINK provides environmental and natural resource consulting and contracting services in the greater Chicagoland area. GEOTHINK offers our clients solutions that improve properties by reducing business risk and regulatory compliance liability, while achieving healthy lands and waters. Our company success is directly tied to our client’s ability to complete the project on-time and within budget. This is done through our collaborative consulting, permitting and contracting services.

What GeoThink is About

Our goal is to provide practical and effective solutions that comply with numerous regulations and permits which can challenge property redevelopment and infrastructure improvements. The innovative and professional staff of GEOTHINK is committed environmental stewards to protect, enhance and improve the health of the private and public lands and waters of this nation.

Our Purpose and Leadership

Our staff is led by Senior Professional Geologist and wetland scientist, Mr. Thomas Mangan. He is licensed with over 34 years experience. He along with other capable staff and qualified contractors can assist and guide clients [financial, manufacturers, developers, attorneys, municipalities, county, petroleum producers and pipelines, school districts, and real estate management companies] on how to identify, manage and mitigate liability risk associated with land holdings, business operations, and/or land redevelopment construction.